16 Years – Where has the time gone!

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This weekend was our 16th wedding anniversary.  Rich and I have lived together longer than we lived with our parents (that’s right, we lived together for three years before we were married and we haven’t stopped sinning since!)  My parents drove from Fallon and his parents from Orangevale and we all went to the Spindrift for dinner.  We haven’t had the chance to check out many restaurants in the delta.  The Spindrift is right down the road and our neighbors, Bill and Edie, go there all the time when they’re in town from Chico so we thought we’d give it a shot.  We definitely missed with that shot.  The food and atmosphere were just ok, the waitress was…different.  She was a “low talker” and barely moved her mouth when she talked.  They have American and Mexican food and I had a burger; Rich ordered carnitas.  Rich’s parents ordered something Mexican and when they got their plates it was a huge amount of food (which is perfect for Debbie because she will take left-overs home and make three meals out of it).  At one point Rich leaned over to me and said “They get all that and I only get this little bowl of pork?”  I think he thought he was going to starve.  His plate did look measly compared to theirs, but he loaded up on chips and salsa.

After dinner we went back to the marina, my folks left to drive the 5 hours to Fallon (before you ask, we told them to stay the night on the boat with us) and Debbie, George, Rich and I settled in to watch Captain Ron on the big screen.  Before the movie started I wanted to go to the boat to get some cookies my mom had made.  Rich said “you don’t need any cookies” which is a weird thing for him to say, because nobody needs cookies (duh) but that’s not the point.  I said “too bad, grab the bag of cookies.”  So he did and I proceeded to eat one (or maybe two).  Unbeknownst to me, Rich had organized a little pre-movie anniversary cake with Devery.  I felt obligated to eat the cake so I was totally overloaded with chocolate.  Devery gave a very nice speech welcoming us to the marina and Rich stood up and tried to give a speech about how great it is being married to me, but it turned into a play-by-play of what we’ve been doing to the boat.  Story of my life.  Actually, it was a very nice gesture and I really appreciated it.  After 16 years, a lot of really great times, and some really not so great times we are still in love with each other.  He is my best friend and the only other person I can imagine at my side.

I don’t have any pictures to go with this post so here’s one of Suki, the Mt. Diablo fire, and Rich kissing another fish.



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