Denny talked to Mr. Broker and told him the lowest they were willing to go was $68,000.

I think the boat is probably worth that.  Rich and I agonized about it and decided to accept $68,000.  I never thought we would be spending this much on a boat.  It’s about $15,000 more than we originally wanted to spend, but the boats in our price range have been shit with a bunch of large, expensive, hidden problems.We are heading to Marina del Rey on Monday night for a Tuesday survey.  Hopefully this will be our last survey for a while.  I really do like this boat best of all the boats we’ve seen, with the exception of some of the six figure boats of course.  Buying from Denny and Steph would be a bonus.  They are the first honest and straightforward sellers we’ve come across.

Wait and see
What a long, strange trip it's been