Accepted again…

We made an offer of $38,000 on the Endeavour 38 yesterday morning.

They were asking $44,900.  The sellers countered with $42,000 and we countered their counter with $40,000.  We heard today they’ve accepted our offer.  Rich is heading to San Diego next Tuesday for the survey.

I don’t know what it is with some brokers, but the seller’s broker is a real piece of work.  I remember when he showed us the boat in February he was sort of a jerk.  He didn’t even go to the boat with us, just told us where we could find the key.  When Mr. Broker initially called him he was really tight lipped and basically wouldn’t tell Mr. Broker anything about the boat.  Then when Mr. Broker presented our offer it was on his contract and the broker insisted we write it on the CYBA contract.  I also found out that the broker won’t give Mr. Broker his cut of the deal unless he goes down to San Diego for the survey.  All in all a real asshole.

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