Isotemp water heater

Another Project Bites the Dust

We had a good weekend knocking out another project.  We installed the new water heater and removed the old one from the boat.  I think this is one of the few projects we were able to complete in ONE DAY.  Surprising too, since it not only involved plumbing, but electrical and some structural engineering for mounting it to the bulkhead.

The water heater we removed was an Atwood 6-gallon.  It worked fine, but took up a lot of space in the engine room.  We wanted to move it but it wouldn’t fit anywhere else.  Our solution was to buy an Isotemp Slim 15 4-gallon water heater that fits nicely under the galley sink.  It draws about 7-8 amps compared to the 10-12 amps the Atwood would draw.

I posted a video of the installation on our YouTube channel or you can watch it below.  This coming weekend we’re not working on boat projects because it’s Rich’s birthday, but I am working to complete some videos of older projects we’ve finished.  I’ll try to upload those to our YouTube channel this weekend if the wifi at the marina is good which it hasn’t been lately (seriously, Frontier is the WORST ISP we’ve ever had the misfortune to know).

Electrical Project Part II
Electrical Project Part III