Antsy Pants

Spring is here and we’re getting antsy to buy a boat.

I’ve been looking for a good book on living aboard but haven’t found anything yet.  There is one mass market book out there (“The Essential Guide to Living Aboard” I think), but the Amazon reviews its gotten are mixed (and we all know how reliable those reviews are) so I haven’t bought it yet.  I’d like to look at it before I buy it, but I haven’t found it at a book store locally (damn you Barnes and Noble).  Maybe I can track it down at Strictly Sail Pacific next weekend.

We broke the news of our sailing plan to Rich’s folks a couple weeks ago.  I thought it went pretty well.  That is, until a few days later when Rich called his mom and found out how she really felt.  Apparently she was really upset and cried about it for a couple days.  I guess we didn’t explain the plan very well because she thought we were going to disappear for 3-4 years without any way to communicate.  Rich talked to her for about an hour and straightened it all out.  We told my parents about the plan a couple years ago and they were skeptical.  Then we invited them to join us at the boat show and it all clicked into place.  They’ve been on board (oh witty boat pun, you practically write yourself!) with the plan ever since.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?