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We haven’t posted much lately, but I assure you, we’ve been busy.  I’ve been working on getting all the gunk off the portlights when I’m at the condo during the week and then working on stuff on the boat on the weekends.  Rich has been working on the countertops.  He’s just about finished and will hopefully post about how much fun he had on this project.  This week I’m in Bakersfield (try not to be too jealous) for training and Rich is on the boat.  You might be wondering “where’s Suki?”  She’s on the boat with Rich!  I drove her down on Saturday, spent the night, then drove to Bakersfield on Sunday.  We decided Suki should stay on the boat with Rich so he could work his butt off to get the boat ready for moving day September 1st.  She’s been doing great hanging out inside the boat while Rich is down at the workshop for long periods, then she hangs out on deck when he’s working on the boat.  She sleeps in the V-berth at night, and sleeps on her favorite noisy, plastic bag from Home Goods (she seriously loves these bags!) during the day.  She scoffed at the fish Rich caught.  Clearly she thought it was inferior and too small.  Her finicky little taste buds prefer tuna.


There was a Delta Do-Dah BBQ at our marina this past weekend.  I wasn’t really sure what the Delta Do-Dah was so I looked up their website.  I guess some guys used to organize a sail from the Bay Area to the Delta, but it got too big and became hard to organize so now they have a Delta Do-Dah DIY, which means between certain dates during the summer, boats from the Bay Area come to the Delta to hang out.  We’re not really part of the Delta Do-Dah, but Devery invited us to the BBQ anyway.  Kurtis’ dog, Gus was adorable.  One of the Do-Dah’ers is in the slip next to us.  It’s a young couple on a Cascade 36 they bought two weeks ago.  Rich has been chatting them up and said they seem pretty cool.  They’re full-time liveaboards in Sausalito.  Last Saturday was movie night at the marina and they showed The Birdcage.  I’ve seen this movie several times and it’s great every time.

This weekend I’m hoping to get a few more portlights out so I can take them back to the condo to get them cleaned up.  Rich might actually have the countertops installed and maybe a kitchen sink (I’m dreaming big here).  More later…



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  1. Holy cow you have done a lot since we have been there! So Suki didn’t really care for the fish? I looks like she is very comfortable there on your new home. Can’t wait to see it in person n a couple of weeks!!

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