We had no illusions that this endeavor was going to cost us a pretty penny.  Luckily, Rich has been known to be quite handy when it comes to all things mechanical, electrical, structural, etc.  I’m the idea girl (meaning I dream up outrageous ideas and then ask Rich to figure out a way to make it happen).  We wanted to track how much our hair-brained boat upgrade ideas were costing us so we’re keeping track of it here.  What’s not on the list are some of the tools we had to buy that we’ll use for just about every project (e.g. a new drill) and some of the small consumable items like sandpaper, paint rollers, painter’s tape, cleaning supplies, etc.  We’ll update it as we go, so check back often.

Ramble On

Question: What's it cost to buy a sailboat?
Answer: It costs whatever you've got.

Total = $55,199.22
City Yachts
We loved working with Kim and Chris - so professional!
1977 Tayana 37Asking Price - $59,000
Offer Price - $48,000
Agreed on Price - $50,000
Repair Allowance - ($2000)
Wedlock, Ramsay & Whiting Marine Surveyors - Francoise Ramsay
Francoise was great - so knowledgeable and helpful; worth every penny
KKMI SausalitoHaul-out$415.14
Hirschfeld Yacht LLCEngine Oil Test$100
KKMI RichmondRepair/rebuild of exhaust elbow
Replacement of bilge pump
DMVVessel Use Tax
Vessel Transfer


Electrical Systems

Running total as of 10/17/2017 = $9,960
Downwind MarineSea-Dog Dome Lights (3)$24.42$73
Victory Xenon Berth Lights (2)$47.73$95
MarinebeamRed-White Switchable G4 LED (1)$22.00$22
G4 Replacements for Dome Lights (7)$23.00$161
G4 LED Power Clusters (2)$11.00$22
Rigid LED Strip Lights (20)$16.35$327
Jamestown DistributorsBox of Bronze Insulated Staples (5)$7.70$39
Defender100 ft Roll Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire - Red & Yellow (2 each)$25.99$104
Blue Collar SupplyHeat Shrink Tubing (2)$3$5
Napa Auto PartsElectrical Switch$5$5
Terminal Block$5$5
West MarineElectrical Connectors$10$10
Electrical Connectors$8$8
Electrical Wire$12$12
Electrical Crimp Connectors$63$63
AC Wiring (#14x3')
Spade Connectors
Mouser ElectronicsUSB Connectors$49$49
Fry's ElectronicsElectrical Heat Shrink Tubing Solder$11$11
Port SupplyBlue Sea Systems 120V AC/DC Toggle Circuit Breaker Panels$1,096$1,096
4 vCaframo Bora Fans$59$235
Electrical wiring for CO and Propane detectors$64$64
Smart Plug Inlet$119$141
50' Dual Configuration Cord Set$166$198
Ancor 16-3 Bilge Pump Wire (25')$31$37
Ancor 16-2 Flat Safety Wire (50')$23$27
Lowe'sAC Outlets (1 GFCI and 5 standard)$15.98 ea
$2.48 ea
Good Boat GearHeavy Duty Crimp Tool$216$216
Polar WirePower lugs and heat-shrink tubing for Electro Scan$41$41
ProskitPro-crimper & die set$64$64
Bay Marine SupplyVictron Multi-plus 12/3000/120-50 120V Charger/inverter$1,427.15$1,427.15
Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700$143.65$143.65
Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller$196.35$196.35
Blue Sea HD-Series 3000 Battery Switch$68.00$68.00
Blue Sea Fuse Block for Class T-225-400A Fuses$39.50$39.50
Blue Sea Class T Fuse$31.25$31.25
Blue Sea 8077 AC Maiin Circuit Breaker Panel 30A$79.50$79.50
Blue Sea 3131 Dual Circuit Breaker Enclosure$32.00$32.00
Blue Sea M-6006 Mini Battery Switch$26.00$26.00
Marine Grade Duplex Flat Wire 8/2, per foot$2.53$25.30
Marine Grade Triplex flat Wire 10/3, per foot$1.41$28.20
Battle Born LiFePO batteries$899.00$4495

The Galley

Running Total as of 7/7/2015 = $5,383
Swedish Marine
Frigoboat Refrigeration System
(includes: Capri 50 Condensing Unit, 200F Flat Evaporator,
Merlin Smart Speed Controller, Spill-over Fan Kit, Freezer Thermostat,
Digital Thermostat)
West Marine
Fiberglass, epoxy & electrical supplies for refrigeration$229$229
Perko lift handle for refrigerator and countertop hatch$25$25
Home Depot
Insulation (the pink stuff)$29$87
Spray Foam Insulation (16 oz)$4$12
Spray Foam Insulation (12 oz.)$4$11
Countertop and shelves fabrication supplies$69$69
Bed Bath & Beyond
Refrigerator & Freezer Bins 8x15$15$30
Refrigerator & Freezer Bins Divided Tray$20$40
Egg Bin$15$15
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic$35$35
Kitchen Faucet$139$139
Port Supply
Force 10 Range$1,311$1,311
S-2A Propane Monitor & Control$238$238
LPG Supply Hose (15')$72$72
Single-Stage LPG Regulator$65$65
5 Pair SS Door Hinges$21$106
#105 Epoxy Resin, Gallon$77$78
407 Filler$12$12
406 Filler$8$8
Awl-Cat #3 Brushing Converter - (Professional Application Only)$53$53
Two-Part Linear Polyurethane Enamel Paint, (Professional Application Only)$60$61
Ukinox Single Bowl Undermount Square Stainless Sink$146$146
Corian Countertop - Rice Paper$639$639
Hughes Hardwood ($189.90)Marine plywood & teak for refer door trim$94$94
Teak for countertop fiddles$96$96
Defender ($127.96)Taco Weather Strip Tape (0.5" x 0.5" x 10')$22$44
Taco Weather Strip Tape (0.125" x 0.375" x 10')$17$17
Radio Shack (5.38)Fuse and fuse holder for refrigerator$5$5
Sears ($32.38)Corian fabrication supplies$32$32
Woodcraft ($14.97)Turning blocks for gimbaled stove (3)$5$15


Running total as of 12/17/2013 = $587.83
Insulation 4 Less
Home Depot
Foil Tape$6.50$6.50
Contact Cement$16.00$16.00
Disposable Tray$1.79$1.79
Formica - White 4'x8'$42 ea$210
FRP sheet for shim strips$32.47$32.47

Interior Locker & Bilge

Running total as of 8/12/2013 = $316.47
Home Depot ($78.00)Behr Exterior Paint 1 Gallon
Kelly Moore ($154.04)Dura-poxy Paint 6 Quarts$16.80$100.80
Dura-poxy Paint 1 Gallon$44.76$44.76
Disposable Shoe Covers$3.50$3.50
Port Supply ($54.20)Bilge Kote 1 Gallon$54.20$54.20
West Marine ($30.23)Brushing Liquid 333$30.23$30.23

The Head

Running total as of 1/29/2016 = $3,303
St. Brendan's Isle, Inc.
Lavac Toilet$505$505
Port Supply
Poly X Sanitation Hose (36')$17$595
Series 162 Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing (15')$1$20
20 Heavy-Duty 316 SS Hose Clamps (SAE 28)$3$57
10 Heavy-Duty 316 SS Hose Clamps (SAE 12)$3$25
Bronze Ring Pull$43$43
1" 90 degree barb & 1" PVC tubing$19$19
Big Orange Filter ($141.41)Big Orange Filter$141$141
Faucet Direct
Kohler Bolero 14" SS Drop In Bathroom Sink$178$178
Home Depot
Delta Faucet$107$107
Formica 4x8 sheets (3)$42$126
Delta PlasticCorian (Rice Paper) & Glue$139$139
DefenderElectro Scan$1,175 $1,175
Jabsco Diverter valve$62$62
Forespar Vented Loop$29$29
Forespar Vent Barb Assembly$7$7
US PlasticsElectro Scan Salt Feed Tank/Plumbing$57$57
AmazonPVC Pipe Fittings for Electro Scan$19$19

Potable Water Plumbing

Running total as of 12/17/2013 = 1,124.57
Ronco Plastics ($542.43)Water tank - 36 gallons with 8" inspection plate$266.10$266.10
Water tank - 40 gallons with 8" inspection plate$276.33$276.33
Lowe's ($389.80)Drinking water supply hose$5.98$5.98
Potable water fittings$312.94$312.94
Sink drain fittings$16.31$16.31
PEX Pipe (red and blue)$54.57$54.57
Home Depot ($192.34)Potable water filter and housing$32.37$32.37
Drinking water filters and housings$89.94$89.94
Drinking water fittings$7.48$7.48
Hose end repair$12.55$12.55

Some other things we bought

Running total as of 7/7/2016 = $9,609
FoamorderV-berth Mattress (4" Ever-flex V34 Medium Firm base, 2" Memory Foam over the top), wrapped with Dacron, covered with cotton fabric$1,304$1,304
Seattle MarineLifeline Netting (110 feet)$1$88
Home DepotA/C Window Unit$169$169
Valley VetDock Steps (actually a mounting block but it works and was cheaper)$65$65
AmazonFrigidaire Dehumidifier$209$209
Advanced Elements Straitedge Inflatable Kayak, paddle, pump, and leash$777$777
Shade TreeModel 240 and Model 130$1,255$1,335
Port SupplyFoul Weather Gear for Rich (jacket, bib, boots)$426$507
Fender Step$63$75
BBQ Shelf Cutting Board$57$68
Four 5/8" dock lines, prespliced, 25'$100$119
Men's Navigator Jacket, Carbon, M$220$220
Men's Navigator Bibs, Carbon, M$211$211
Boots Size 10$73$73
Go-Anywhere Seat$69$137
Spider Away Spray$10$10
Flay Halyard$75$75
Big B Fenders (3)$43$153
Fender Covers (4)$15$74
Sailmaker's Palm$33$33
Speedy Stitcher$33$33
Dock Box$330$330
Dock Steps$123$123
Dinghy Cover$119$119
Cruising SolutionsWindscoop - Breeze Bandit$45$90
Craig's List11'6" Achilles Dinghy & Honda 9.9 HP Outboard$2,800$2,800
DefenderHH Skagen Jacket$199$199
Blue Performance Outboard Cover$43$43
C-Level Easy Lift Motor Tote$35$35
DIY LetteringBoat Lettering$133$133


Portlights & Hatches

Running Total as of 6/20/2017 = $783.82
Dick's Rancho Glass
Oval laminated glass (8)$30 ea$240.00
Round laminated glass (3)$25 ea$75.00
Round laminated glass (1)$25 ea$25.00
Compass Marine
Gaskets for 7 oval portlights (they only had 7 in stock)$11 ea$79.20
Downwind Marine
Gasket material for the round portlights$23.80$23.80
Magna Marine Inc. (MMI)
Gaskets for oval portlights (1 plus 2 spares)$20 ea$64.80
Jamestown Distributors
Bronze bolts to thru-bolt portlights$27.50$27.50
Port Supply
Bug Buster Hatch Screens$141.63$168.52
DefenderBug Buster Hatch Screen$80.00$80.00

Teak Decks

Running total as of 6/20/2017= $1,490.78
Boat ShowGrab-It Screw Extractor$20.00$20.00
Port SupplyEpoxy, filler, pumps, mixing pots, mixing sticks, roller$401.79$401.79
Teak Cleaner/Brightener$13.48 ea$26.96
Star Brite Teak Sealer Natural Light$28.98 ea$57.96
Foam Brushes$5.88$5.88
Interlux Intergrip Non-skid$57.96$57.96
Interlux Perfection$205.94$205.94
Perfection Platinum$145.96$145.96
Epoxy Primekote$71.96$71.96
Jamestown DistrubutorsTeak Plugs$41.19$41.19
Reefing Hook$23.66$23.66
Teak Deck Caulk$11.90 ea$23.80
Cetol Natural Teak$33.98$33.98
Cetol Gloss$33.98$33.98
TotalBoat TotalStrip$63.99$191.97
TotalFair 2Qt Kit$53.99$53.99
Online Industrial SupplySanding supplies (hook & loop pad, 36 grit paper$58.80$58.80
Home Depot/Lowe'sMasking tape and paper$35.00$35.00


Running Total as of 7/7/2016 = $1,509
Port Supply4 x 6' SS Tubing$132$157
120' 1 x 19 SS Wire$124$147
8 SS External Eyeslides$74$88
4 Suncore Lifeline Kit w/o gate$290$345
50' 1/8" Cord$10$11
Lashit Twine$40$48
Horseshoe Buoy$100$100
Horseshoe Buoy Mounting Bracket$32.98$32.98
12 guage flares$27.98$27.98
24g PFD rearming kit$14.48$14.48
38g PFD rearming Kit$19.98$39.96
Seattle MarineLifeline netting for Suki.8 per foot$70.40
DefenderFireboy Gas/Propane Sensor$66.99$134.00
Fireboy-Xintex Sentinel CO Detector$112.99$112.99
West MarineCoastal Inflatable PFDs$89.99$179.98

Cockpit Rehab

Running Total as of 7/7/2014 = $1,815.21
Port Supply1 gal 105 resin$80.76$242.28
1 qt slow hardener 206B$35.61$71.23
mixing sticks (8 pk)$2.11$4.23
mixing cup 16 oz$0.68$4.82
mixing cup 32 oz$0.81$5.65
205 hardener 1 qt$35.22$35.22
410 microlight$25.85$51.70
407 L/D Filler$12.04$24.09
6/10 Epoxy$16.47$32.93
Mixing tips 600-2$3.15$9.44
Spring loaded ring pull$14.84$14.84
Shortside utility hinge$13.04$13.04
Std utility hinge$14.83$14.83
4" HD strap hinge$21.95$21.95
Lock hold down clamp$74.82$74.82
Fish/veggie grill tray$39.77$39.77
Interlux Brightside White 1 qt$29.68$29.68
Interlux Pre-kote 1 qt$26.11$26.11
Interlux Epoxy Primekote 1 qt$35.62$142.46
2333N Reducing solvent$22.55$22.55
202 Solvent$16.01$16.01
1 pint mix & measure cup$0.57$3.42
1 qt mix & measure cup$0.70$2.80
Combo mixing container$6.87$6.87
Plastic spreaders$3.29$3.29
2" foam brush$0.45$4.51
mini roller tray$1.88$3.75
foam roller refill (2 set)$3.54$10.62
9" roller cover$3.78$3.78
3" roller frame$1.52$1.52
Svendsen's MarineKiwigrip 1 quart & roller$41.13$82.26
Loopy Goopy Rollwer$8.70$8.70
DefenderMix & measure quart cups$1.86$5.58
Mix & measure pint cups$1.11$6.63
Tap PlasticsFiberglass Roving$59.00$59.00
Fiberglass Mat$150.00$150.00
Syringes 6 pk$18.99$37.98
West Marinemixing cup 16 oz$1.19$3.57
Resin spreaders 3pk$7.99$7.99
MacBeath HardwoodsTeak for cockpit coamings$500$500

4-108 Perkins Motor

Running Total as of 1/29/2016 = $1,170
K & N StoreUniversal Chrome Air Filter$55$55
Marine Parts Store12 Blade Sherwood Impeller Kit$21$21
Shaft Coupling Assembly$66$66
Port SupplyRaw Water Strainer$185$185
Bronze Fittings$6.98
11.98 ea (2)
Fisheries SupplyHeat Exchanger$292$292
Two Rear Engine Mounts$48.84 ea$98
AC DC MarineTachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, volt meter, ignition switch, pressure sender, temerature sender$317$317
SSi OnlineRecessed panel for engine gauges$66$66


Running Total as of 10/25/2014 = $1,503.98
DefenderRaymarine i50/i60 combo pack$1376.99$1276.99 ($100 Amex Gift Card Credit)
Raymarine Seatalk Backbone$226.99$226.99


Running total as of 7/7/2016 = $7,629
GarhauerMainsheet Traveler with Dodger Conversion$650$650
Heavy Duty Traveler Risers$290$290
Cam Cleats$25 ea$50
Halyard Lift Block$30 ea$60
Single Block with Adjustable Shackle$73 ea$292
Special Block for Self Tending Staysail$54$61
Stanchion Blocks (5)$36$198
Track Car Single Block (2)$63$139
Track Car Slides (2)$32$71
Single Block w/Adjustable Shackle (3)$32$105
Single Block w/Snap Shackle$54$61
Fiddle Block w/Becket and Adjustable Shackle$108$120
Fiddle Block w/Adjustable Shackle$104$115
Doyle SailsJib Repair$83$83
Ballenger Spar SystemsInt. Boom Bail (3/8)$51$51
Professional Plastics24" x 36" x 1/2" Garolite (G-10)$288$288
McMaster-CarrG-10 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID, 1/16" wall thick, 39" length$45$45
Port Townsend Foundry4 Single and 2 Double Chainplates (31"x1/2")$888$888
Kranze Iron$470$470
Bobstay Fitting$322$322
Whisker Stay Fittings$204$204
24 Carriage Bolts$178$178
24 Flat Washers$16$16
24 Hex Nuts$15$15
10 Carriage Bolts$101$101
10 Flat Washers$7$7
10 Hex Nuts$6$6
Online MetalsStainless steel supplies for windlass bracket & bowsprit$387$387
SS bang plate for bowsprit$45$45
SS for King Bolt backing plate$15$15
Bolt DepotStainless steel bolts for bowsprit and Samson posts$141$141
Silicon bronze bolts for chainplates, whisker stays, backstay and traveler$162$162
WeldingSS cutting and welding for windlass bracket$350$350
Port SupplyHi Mod Compression Toggles$90$180
Compression Stud$90$180
5/16 Alps Wire Rope2.18 per foot44
Cotterpin Kit$99
MacBeath HardwoodsSpruce for bowsprit$500$500
Teak for bow platform$479$479

Deck Hardware

Running Total as of 3/30/2015 = $519.69
GarhauerLifting Arm$350.93$350.93
Bosun SuppliesSS Trimline Cleat$37.62 ea$75.24
SS Eye Bolts$23.38 ea$93.52

Ground Tackle

Running Total as of 7/7/2016 = $962
McMaster-CarrO-rings for Windlass (various sizes)$24$24
DefenderRocna Vulcan Anchor 55lb$618$618
Power Coating Shop in LodiWindlass Powder Coating$100$100
SL SparesRebuild kit for Windlass$200$200
Online MetalsSS bar for new windlass handle$20$20

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