Breaking Bad…Coming Soon to Ramble On

We (and by we I mean me) on Ramble On have been bad…very bad lately.  Fall is supposed to be here and my internal clock is telling me to bundle up, brew some coffee, and get comfortable with a book on the couch.  But wait, what do you mean it’s 85 degrees outside?  It’s not too cold to work on outside boat projects?  Suggestion:  let’s sit on our arses and watch an entire season of Breaking Bad.  No?  Hmmm…guess I’ll get the hose out and wash the boat.  Damn you warm weather!

Even Suki can't get motivated these days

Even Suki can’t get motivated these days

It’s Bizarro World around here.  In a reversal of roles, Rich has been the responsible one lately.  He’s been working hard (though I do use that term loosely) getting all the deck hardware installed.  He had a mishap a couple of weeks ago and was down for a few days (note to self:  never try to step off a ladder from the top rung), but now he’s making up for lost time.  I know I should be relishing the warm weather, and after writing this maybe I will, because right about the time it gets really cold outside I’ll be wishing for warm weather.  Such is life.

Popcorn without the microwave
Finishing up deck hardware