By Leaps and Bounds

Rich has been kicking ass on boat projects.  Yesterday he installed the Lavac toilet.  Finally I don’t have to get out of my jammies and into clothes to make a run to the bathroom in the morning.  It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a huge improvement to quality of life.


Today Rich installed the new Force 10 range.  This thing is amazing.  It’s so shiny and new I’m hesitant to use it.  He hooked up the propane hose and, just like that, we’re cooking inside instead of on our 15 year-old Coleman camp stove.  From here on out, most of the “house” type projects are fairly small; things like finishing the fiddles on the countertops, adding a shelf to the refrigerator, adding latches to the fridge, freezer, and storage bin.  The next big project is the Formica sidewalls and installing the portlights.  The plan is to have that done before the end of September.  Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I did the final walk-through with the property manager at the condo.  I’m so glad to be out of there.  The neighbors downstairs and one unit over from us were such assholes.  A youngish Indian couple lived there and they each had two cars and two motorcycles.  Plus sometimes they had two Vespas.  They would always park their derelict car in the one free spot near our condo and they wouldn’t move it for months.  When they got the bikes they started parking them in the parking stall with their cars.  So when I pulled into my spot, I couldn’t open my door without bumping a bike and then I would have to practically crawl out of my car.  I’m so glad to be rid of that element.

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