It’s the Little Things

Ever notice that it’s usually the little things that make a huge difference?  Maybe you get your car washed and afterwards you realize how dirty it was and how much better it is now that it’s clean.  Or you paint a room in your house and afterwards you realize how much nicer it is to be in that room.  (more…)


I finished cleaning the bilge yesterday.  Today, I hurt.  My forearms ache from gripping the scrub brush; my back is sore from bending over all day and I accidentally tried to stand up while still under the salon table (not something I recommend anyone try); and my shoulders hurt from holding the palm sander.  Was it worth it?  Ask me after the Advil kicks in.   (more…)

Headliner Update

I‘ve been putting off the inevitable as long as possible.  I’ve removed and sealed all the deck hardware and the boat is dry as a bone now.   Jeni and I have toiled and obsessed (well, I’ve been doing the majority of the obsessing) over the choice of replacement headliner material for the last several weeks (months) now and decided to test out a sheet of Masonite from Lowe’s.   (more…)

Another Weekend

We’ve been removing bits and pieces of the boat and taking them home.  Today the pile was quite large.  One of these days we’re going to start refinishing the wood so we can put it back where it belongs.


Bit off more than we can chew

The headliner project continues on and is growing.

Today we finished tearing down the headliner in the salon and we got all the battens down except in the V-berth.  We found some wet plywood under the headliner and some lovely smelling wood mold.  Super nasty!  Rich drilled a couple holes (which horrified me at first) through the fiberglass to see if the core was wet.  So far, so good – the core looks dry.  We also found dry rot in a piece of plywood directly under the mast/above the compression post.   (more…)

Headliner and Insulation

“Well, you got a little dry rot here, Boss.  That’s okay, every boat’s got it.  You’re lucky.  Yours is above the waterline.  Well, most of it anyway.”  -Captain Ron

So begins the headliner removal.  We knew coming into it that the deck hardware has “some leaks”.  This one seems to be coming in from the forward edge of the sea hood, just aft of the overhead hatch.  Tayana used a thin plywood sprayed with gelcoat for the inside panels of the coachroof and side walls.   (more…)