Intergrip(ping) the Cabin Top

Hatches and cabin top projects – Week 3

No, we didn’t finish painting the cabin top with Interlux Intergrip last weekend.  I washed the boat Friday in preparation for painting on Saturday.  The plan was for both of us to start early Saturday masking, get the first coat of Intergrip on and maybe the second (and final) coat on in one day because it was supposed to rain on Sunday.  What happened was Rich spent Saturday morning fixing the forward hatch that I broke on Friday (oops).   (more…)

Forward hatch

No Rest for the Wicked

Rich is off work for the next TWO weeks, so there is no rest for the wicked – it’s project time again.  I briefly mentioned to him a few months ago that it would be nice to get the final paint and non-skid on the cabin top before winter.  That way next summer we can finally finish the side decks.  I guess that stuck in Rich’s head, because he decided to tackle this project before starting his new job. (more…)

Paint Stripper

My Favorite Stripper

This weekend I finally started working on stripping the coachroof paint.  Back at the beginning of Spring, I scraped off the top layer of paint.  It seriously took me only a couple of hours because the paint was such shit.   (more…)

Get a grip

Seems like it’s taken forever to get to this point but we finally got the non-skid rolled in the cockpit last weekend.   I’m not sure why I’ve had such a hard time assembling my thoughts into written word lately.  KiwiGrip has been done for a week and I can’t think of anything to say about it.