Old Sea Hood

Hood winked

Back in early June I removed the dilapidated old sea hood in order to fix and finish the companionway hatch.  Since I’m having so much fun working with fiberglass and resins lately, I figured now would be a great time to build a new hatch turtle.  Ugh….


Not much happening

Bad weather blew through last week and put some of the topside projects behind a bit.  I’ve been farting around re-bedding port lights in between storms, and making a little teak sawdust down at the shed.


More deck core repair

After the first significant rain storm of the season last week and a good deal of water leaking into the lockers and what not, we’ve identified several spots on the boat that need some serious attention before the next big downpour.  Specifically, the forward hatch over the v-berth, the fuel, water, and holding tank deck plates, and the starboard side port light frames.


Leaks & Stormy Weather

We had our first stormy weather last Saturday, so what did Rich and I do?  We went to the bay area.  What should we have done?  We should have stayed home to make sure the boat didn’t leak like a sieve.  So how did we fair?  Not too bad, but not great.   (more…)

I can see clearly now

Boat projects are sometimes like a game of ping-pong; back and forth, and occasionally spinning off in unpredictable directions.  Last week I got a few more layers of pink styrofoam installed inside the refer box.   (more…)

Fridge Box Construction

We’re back down at the boat for another weekend of work.  The clock is ticking ’til the condo lease expires in August and we move on full-time.  I’m a little stressed to say the least.   (more…)

More boat show goodies

Since everything metal on our boat is either covered in verdigris or rust we decided to pick up some metal polish while we were at the boat show.  More of an impulse buy than a decision, but we knew we needed it as soon we walked past the vendor’s booth.   (more…)