What about those chainplates?

As you may have noticed we haven’t updated our website for little while, but we have updated our YouTube channel.  That’s where the most recent information will be, so if you think you’ve missed something, head over the YouTube and subscribe.  I have one (maybe two) more videos to finish putting together for the Electrical Project and then that project is basically DONE.  Rich also finished up the exterior teak trim so there will be a little video on that too (eventually).  In the meantime, we’ve moved on to a new project…CHAINPLATES! (gulp)


We bought new chainplates, oh, two (or is it three?) YEARS ago and never installed them.  Well it’s time to s*** or get off the pot on this project.  I plan to have the last (or second to last) electrical video done this weekend, then I’ll start on the chainplate videos.  So far, Rich has only started installing the first one and that took him over half the day.  We posted a short chainplate preview video yesterday and it’s linked here as well.

Summer 2017

This summer we have a lot of work planned (seems like I say that every summer).  After the chainplates are done we’re going to FINALLY finish the decks.  We’re going to use the same Interlux products we used on the cabin top because it turned out great and we love it.  The KiwiGrip in the cockpit?…not so much (but that’s another story).  We’ll have to fare them and make them smooth.  I still have to remove the old paint from the cabin top sides and we need to fill the holes in where the old chainplates came through the deck and the holes in the toe rail for the jib track.  Then its mask, paint, paint, unmask, mask again for non-skid and DONE.  Easy peasy…right?

Electrical Project Part III
Electrical Project Part IV