Cooking Under Pressure

While at the boat show last weekend we decided to buy a pressure cooker.  We saw the same guy giving the presentation last year and really wanted to get one, but they’re pricey and we didn’t really need it then.  I’d hate to have this guy’s job.  He makes fried chicken and french fries all day long for people who will never buy a pressure cooker.  Since I knew we were going to buy one, I had no guilt eating the chicken and fries and it was yummy.  So far we’ve made chicken, pot roast and vegetables in it.  It works great.

Boat Show Update

Most of the seminars we listened to last weekend were about boat systems.  There’s a real push to “go green.”  Not sure we buy into all the hype, but I was fascinated by the Power Management seminar.  The speaker installs electric propulsion systems from Electric Yacht.  The systems generate power (charge the batteries) while sailing, and propel the boat when not sailing.  It’s quiet and low maintenance and they have a hybrid system if you want to keep your diesel.  I emailed them last week with the specs of our boat to see how expensive their hybrid systems were.  Looks like it would be between $5K and $6K for our boat.  If it weren’t so expensive I would love to do it on our boat.  Maybe we’ll have a few “extra” thousand dollars sitting around in a year or so…

Ice Box Demolition
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