When we bought the boat the engine ran pretty well, but after sitting unused for nearly two years there was a few things to do before firing her up again.  Basic maintenance like changing the oil and filter, and the raw water pump impeller were pretty straight forward, and fairly easy to do.  However upon digging a little deeper, it became apparent that some more work was needed before we could run the engine again.

The heat exchanger at the back of the engine had corroded due to the previous owners not changing the zincs, and as a result had been leaking salt water onto the port side engine mount.  The steel engine bracket had nearly rusted away, and both rubber engine mount bushings were shot.  Also, the bolts that secure the engine bracket were rusted off and I had to drill and tap new threads in the aluminum transmission case in order to fasten the newly fabricated bracket in place.

  • Heat exchanger – $350
  • Engine mount bushings – $50/ea
  • Custom welded engine bracket – $90
  • Heli-coil thread inserts – $40

We upgraded the raw water strainer with a new Groco bronze unit, bronze full-flow pipe fittings, and new hoses from the seacock to the engine pump.  Each hose also received double AWAB 316 stainless hose clamps.

  • Groco seawater strainer – $200
  • Bronze pipe fittings – $60
  • Raw water hose – $30
  • AWAB SS hose clamps – $50

The raw water pump on the front of the engine had a leaky seal, and the pump shaft was worn.  We also changed the impeller since I already had it torn apart.

  • Raw water pump shaft and seal kit – $75
  • Raw water impeller – $20

The old air intake screen was rusted out so we upgraded it to a K&N high performance air filter.  Clean combustion air for the engine, with the added benefit of quieting down that “sucking” noise the engine makes when it’s running.  It’s also washable and re-usable, and will probably outlast the engine.

  • K&N model RC-70032 air filter – $55

We changed the oil and filter, and needed to buy an engine oil change pump in order to suck the old oil out the dipstick tube.

  • 5 qt. of Delo 400 15W-40 – $25
  • Perkins 2654403 oil filter – $8
  • West Marine 2.85 qt. manual oil change pump – $60

And lastly, we replaced the worn out transmission shift cable with a new one.

  • Sea Star Solutions Red Jaket control cable – $40

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