Electrical Project Part IV

DC Electrical Update

We finally finished the electrical project!  Of course it seems nothing is ever completely done.  We’ll have to revisit the electrical when we get new batteries and when we take down the mast to rewire it.  But for now, we are checking this one off the list.  The best part is we get to start working outside again.

Rich is working hard on the chainplates and I’m getting the sides of the cabin top and the bulwarks ready for painting.  What this means is I get to use my favorite paint stripper from Jamestown Distributors, TotalStrip by TotalBoat.

Teak Trim Update

I’m also getting a maintenance coat of Star brite Tropical Teak Oil and Sealer on the teak for the summer.  Rich did a bit of teak work this spring (lots of new trim pieces and some new plugs on the toe rail).  Which means I have quite a bit that is still bare wood and the toe rail looks especially bad at this point.  Plus I did not put a winter maintenance coat on because we were working on the jib track and we had one of the wettest winters in history.  I’ll probably have to use a teak cleaner and/or brightener before the sealer, but hopefully I won’t have to do any sanding.

What about those chainplates?
New Chainplates - Not as Hard as We Expected