Mr. Broker fell off the face of the earth the past two days.

We got the email saying they accepted our offer at 9pm on July 3rd.  We emailed him and called him in the morning on July 4th.  We figured he was taking a holiday from work, so didn’t worry when we didn’t hear back from him.  

Mid afternoon on July 5th and still no email, phone call or text.  The last email we got from him was that we would have to have the survey in three days which makes it July 6th so we were wondering if we should be organizing a trip to Socal.  Mr. Broker has always been spot on with texting, emailing or calling so we were getting a little frustrated when he didn’t contact us.

We finally heard from him late afternoon on July 5th.  He was about to get on a airplane from the east coast and briefly told Rich that the seller’s broker was out of town until July 10th so the survey would have to be late next week.  He also said the seller’s broker considered the boat sold, which means he might not be showing it to other “prospective buyers.”  Anyway, it looks like we will be heading to Marina del Rey late next week.

Going for it