We woke up this morning toiling about the E38.

I think our indecisiveness is a clue that maybe the E38 is too big of a compromise.  We decided to pull our offer with the possibility of making a lower offer after we got the oil analysis.

Then everything was turned upside down.  I looked at Yachtworld and the E40 that we loved in Marina del Rey had reduced it’s price.  I called Rich at work and told him he needed to call the owner, who’s also the broker, that we met in February.  The only problem we have is we have enough cash to make a good viable offer, but it would tap out almost all of our money.  We don’t live paycheck to paycheck but not having a buffer of money for emergencies is scary.  Rich asked Denny, the owner, if he would be willing to carry some paper if we made an offer.  Denny said it wasn’t out of the question, but he’d have to discuss it with his wife.  We spent the whole day trying to get a deal together.  We finally got the deal in writing and are going to Marina del Rey tomorrow.  If the offer is accepted we are going to own this boat.

Another So Cal trip