Jib Track

Jib Track – Done! (almost…)

We tackled the jib track project this weekend.  It’s been either raining or we’ve been too busy socially to get anything done lately.  Finally, the weather cooperated this weekend and we installed the port jib track…almost.

Port Jib Track Installation

On Saturday, Rich and I measured the layout for the through-bolts and the wood screws to secure the jib track to the cap rail.  We had planned to do 1 through-bolt for every 2 wood screws (that was the original configuration as well).  However, when we laid the track in place some of the through-bolts lined up directly with the stanchions, scuppers or hawsepipes, which would block access to the bolt.  It still worked out to 14 through-bolts and 27 wood screws.  After drilling the holes through the cap rail, Rich used hole-saw to cut the bulwarks fiberglass to gain access to the through-bolts.

Sunday we installed the track using 3M’s UV4000 black sealant.  We squirted a ring of sealant around each bolt hole.  Then the track was put over top of it and the through-bolt put in place.  The nuts are secured through the holes in the bulwarks.  Then we squirted sealant into each screw hole through the jib track and the screws screwed in place.

Original jib track on Tayana 37 Ramble On

What we haven’t done yet is fill the holes in the bulwarks and put the cars and end caps on the track.  We bought new stainless steel Garhauer cars eons ago.  Now we’re thinking of exchanging them (if they’ll take them back) for aluminum cars since the track is aluminum.  The end caps are plastic, and we’ll put them on after we exchange out the jib cars.

We’ve got a holiday next weekend so hopefully we can get the starboard jib track installed.  We might even get the holes in the bulwarks sealed up for the winter and maybe cross this project off the list.

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