I came across a Landfall 39 in Oregon on Yacht World recently.  Apparently it’s not the same as a C&C Landfall (it took me a few Google searches to figure that out).  This one was designed by Ron Amy.  He also designed the Spindrift 43 which is the model the Bum’s (check my blogroll) are now traveling on.  I’ve never heard of the Landfall 39 so searched the forums and it seems like it might fit the bill.  So the search continues.  The mega-millions lottery is up to $640 million…I’m keeping my fingers crossed (eye roll).

I recently checked in on a blog I read sporadically and found that the couple lost their boat in Italy last October.  They were on a Gemini Catamaran called Footprint.  I originally started reading their blog because we were dead set on getting a Gemini.  It looks like they were stuck in some sketchy weather in a cove on the Italian coast, they dragged anchor and couldn’t recover.  The boat was washed onto shore and smashed against some rocks.

Luckily they were insured, but how horrible to 1) completely lose your boat and most of your belongings and 2) have a complete alteration to your lifestyle.  So instead of spending the summer traveling through the Med, they are now back in the states with jobs and living in an apartment.  It was heartwarming to hear how kind and helpful the Italian people were to them.  One gentleman even let them stay in his apartment for a few nights.

Alameda has a Boat Fest

It was much smaller than Strictly Sail Pacific, sorta like Festivus for the rest of us, but it was fun.  Most of the boats are for sale, but for the most part they are coastal cruisers for use in SF Bay.  Being such a small boat show there weren’t lines of people trying to get on the boats.  We didn’t feel rushed to get on and off the boats, and most of the time we were the only people on the boat.  It was great.  We did check out several Island Packets.  One was enormous.  I think it was 48 feet with a 14 foot beam.  It was crazy big inside.

The best part was walking on Dreamkeeper, a Pacific Seacraft 42 (check my blogroll).  This particular boat just finished a circumnavigation and I followed their blog for the last year or two of their trip.  It is way out of our price range, but the boat is really awesome.

We’re heading to the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show in Oakland next month.  We’ve been going to this boat show for several years, mostly just to keep the dream alive.  It’s funny how we’ve progressed.  Our first year all we did was check out the boats.  The second & third years we looked at the boats, listened to a seminar or two, and walked briefly through the vendor area.  The fourth year we mainly checked out the seminars and learned a lot of cool stuff.  This year we’re planning to listening to several seminars and spending some time in the vendor area.  Now that we have our eye on a couple specific boats, I think we might be ready to really look at the boat systems for sale.  The vendor area was so boring in years past.  Mainly because we didn’t have a boat and weren’t in the market for a boat yet.

New Year's resolution #3: start blogging. Mission accomplished?
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