Lifeline gates

Lifeline Gates

I feel like I’ve complained about the heat a lot, but then again I’m sure this has been the hottest summer on record.  Just this past weekend we hit 110 degrees – miserable.  A holiday weekend and we did virtually NOTHING.  We hid in the boat with the AC on full blast.

Lifeline Gate Hardware

We did get the lifeline gates installed last weekend though.  When we replaced the old, vinyl coated lifelines a few years ago, we had sticker shock when we saw how expensive the gate hardware was.  So we didn’t install gates.  After having the lifelines off the boat this summer to finish the decks, we thought it was kind of nice to not have to swing our legs over the lifelines.  So we bought gate hardware for the port side.  Why only one side?  Because it was almost $200 for just ONE SIDE.  We just couldn’t stomach spending another $200 for a second set of gate hardware.  Plus, we can always add it later if we really need it.

Leaking Stanchions

After washing the boat several times, we found two stanchions on the port side that started to leak.  Rich and butted heads during the bedding of the stanchions and I walked off the job and left him to do it by himself.  Needless to say, it was a two-man job and we had to redo two of the stanchions.  Once we got them off it was clear that the sealant had hardened too much before the stanchions were bolted in place.  After a quick cleanup of the old sealant, we re-bedded them and now they don’t leak.

Bedding Stanchions
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