Marina del Rey boat

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Apparently we missed the boat in Marina del Rey.

Someone else put an offer in the day before us.  They had the survey and sea trial yesterday so now we just have to wait to see if they buy it.  On the bright side, there is an IF41 in Walnut Grove and one in South San Francisco!  Neither is listed on YW, but Rich found one in a Latitude 38 magazine and the other one on Craig’s List.Mr. Broker contacted the South San Francisco owner and is setting up a viewing for us.  He emailed the Walnut Grove boat through the Craig’s List posting, but hasn’t heard back yet.

We visited some marinas in the Delta this past weekend.

It was quite an eye opening experience.  There are some real dumps, but a few gems too.  We are torn between Owl Harbor Marina and Oxbow Marina.  Owl Harbor is small with only 10 liveaboards, it’s gated, has a mobile pump out that comes to your boat, has a free community garden with chickens, dry storage units available, and it seems like a quiet place, but it doesn’t have a lot of basic amenities (no laundry and only one bathroom/shower).  Supposedly they are adding another facility with more showers/bathrooms and laundry facilities next spring.

Oxbow has amenities coming out the whazoo.  It has a pool, lots of showers/bathrooms, laundry, store, restaurant, a canvas shop, and other cool stuff, but it seems loud and like a party place.  Plus, they won’t have a slip for a liveaboard until maybe September.  They offered up the guest dock until a permanent slip opens (which may be never), but the guest dock is where everyone congregates on the weekends and it’s rowdy and loud.  Oxbow is also about $50 cheaper per month than Owl Harbor.

Time is getting short.  We will probably have to move in mid to late August.  We’re hoping to get a boat before that so we won’t have to waste a bunch of money on an apartment.  It’s going to be quite a shock to Suki our cat.

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