Not much happening

Bad weather blew through last week and put some of the topside projects behind a bit.  I’ve been farting around re-bedding port lights in between storms, and making a little teak sawdust down at the shed.

One thing I’m pretty pleased with as far a progress goes is getting the two ports that needed re-bedding through-bolted in their openings.  Tayanas came from the factory with bronze ports attached to the coach with bronze (slotted) wood screws into the glass.  Don’t ask how much I despise slotted screws, but they’re the only replacements available, and they’re frikken expensive!  Most of them just spun in their holes so I had to fill & drill with thickened epoxy.  Figured as long as I have the things torn apart, I’d drill and install those 10-24 bronze machine screws we bought several months ago.  Also frikken expensive, but at least they’re phillips heads.  Much more secure for offshore sailing, now 2 out of the 8 oval ports are bolted & nutted all the way through like they should’ve been from the factory.  The slotted screws are just to keep up that “vintage seafaring” look I’m trying to maintain…



The weather is in the 80’s all this week and the Boat Show is on Thursday.  The decks are drying out and I’m back on that this week after I wrap up the sawdust project down at the shed.  Here’s a little video to keep you entertained until I have something substantial to tell you about.

More fun with rope
Thorough screening process

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