Note to self

Not too much excitement going on, just more sanding and fairing.  And a bit more epoxy primer over the last couple days.

Glossy Primekote tends to highlight any surface flaws, and it gets harder to sand the longer you let it cure.  The cockpit still has a few spots that need more filler and another coat of Epoxy Primekote once it’s finally smooth.  The little pieces of tape every where are to help me  keep track of what needs work when I have a hot batch of filler or primer about to kick off in the mixing cup.



 The locker lids and dorades are all sanded and ready for the 1-part Pre-Kote primer so Jeni   worked on those for a little while.   Interlux says to thin with 333 as needed  up to 10% max for brush & roller applications.  Not quite as noxious as the 2-part coatings but still pretty volatile none the less, Jeni picked herself up a new organic respirator for this weekend.  She needed one because mine died and I stole her old one.  Also, I shaved my ratty old beard and the respirator actually makes a seal around my face now.  No more sniffing paint fumes through leaks in the mask.  Anyway, using a foam roller with skim milk thinned Pre-Kote didn’t give the best finish.  The cheap brush I tried using to tip off Jeni’s paint just made a mess of it so we decided to leave it alone and catch it on the next coat.    I picked up a good Purdy brush this weekend to try out after a little more sanding, and I may also experiment with the ratio of thinner to see if I can get it to flow a little better.  We’ll see how it goes.

First coat of primer
Dear People Smoking Pot in the Park