Perkins 4-108 Diesel Update

Here’s a quick update to some work we did on our Perkins 4-108 diesel.  We recently had two different people ask us the same question about the K & N filter we put on the air intake of our Perkins 4-108. After looking into it, it’s obvious some info was left out on the description of how Rich installed it. It wasn’t as easy as slapping it on and walking away.

How we modified it

Rich installed a plastic barbed 90 degree fitting threaded into the flat offset base of the filter. He also enlarged the hole that the K & N came with, and ran a short length of rubber hose to the vent on the side of the valve cover. The photo above is a pretty good view of the plastic 90 and the red rubber hose attached.

Thanks to our two readers who brought this to our attention.  If you want to read more of what Rich did to our Perkins, check out this post and this post.

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