Pet Net

Busy day at the boat today which led to a day full of cussing.  We started off the day putting netting up on the lifelines.  There was a little trial and error, but it went up pretty easy.  We had to take down the top lifeline to weave the netting on and at every end piece there were spiders nesting in the crevices.  They were small, but I don’t play well with spiders so several ended up going for a swim.  We still haven’t figured out how to put the netting on the one gate we use, but for the most part Suki can now roam the decks freely with no way to escape.


We placed a huge order for boat stuff with Devery yesterday and it arrived today.  We got our Force10 range, the poo pipe for the toilet to the holding tank, a bunch of hose clamps, four Caframo Bora fans, water hose, goodies for the propane system, and something I’m forgetting I’m sure.  Christmas in June!

Rich tried to work on the refrigerator today, but I decided to prep the bilge and under the cabinets for painting and it took two of us to get all the old plumbing out so he didn’t get anything done on the fridge.  We found out the shower sump is in need of repair and I banged and scuffed my knuckles so many times I can’t bend two of my fingers.  While I was busy bumping my head on one of the cabinet latches and knocking my chin on the countertop, Rich was busy scratching a gash in his head on one of the cabinet latches and poking a hole in his index finger with needle-nose pliers.  Hence all the cussing.  Plus it was hot today; close to 100 degrees.  Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be a little hotter than that and Sunday is going to be a scorcher at 108 but will feel like 112 with the humidity.  Tomorrow I paint!


Scratch That
White Trash Bimini & Duct Work

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