Canon 20D

Photography is a hobby of mine.  I’ve been shooting with a Canon 20D for about 10 years.  When Canon introduced the 50D I told  myself I was going to upgrade, but I still haven’t and now Canon has a 70D out.  At this point I figured I should probably just stick it out with my old equipment and maybe upgrade shortly before we head out in a few years.  Some lenses I have are a Canon 70-300mm (f/4-5.6), Canon 50mm (f/1.4), and a Tokina 12-24mm (f/4).  I also shoot with my iPhone because it’s handy.

Sony a6000

UPDATE 12/16/2015:

I bought a mirrorless system in September 2015.  I decided to go with the Sony a6000.  I considered going with a full-frame sensor but just couldn’t bring myself to shell out the money.  The a6000 has an APS-C sensor which is bigger than most of the other manufacturer’s sensors; it’s 24 megapixels, and shoots 11 frames per second.  I also bought two lenses:  a Sigma 19mm f/2.8 and the Sony 55-210 f/4.5-6.3.  So far I love the camera.  It’s so small and easy to shoot.  Unfortunately, my old 2009 Mac Book Pro struggles to process any of the photos.  A new computer is in the works sometime next year (2016).

Mid-2009 MacBook Pro

UPDATE 6/30/2016:

Since Apple was taking way too long to update the MacBook Pros (their sales have dropped recently because people are just tired of waiting), I just couldn’t wait anymore and decided to update my mid-2009 MacBook Pro.  I replaced the 160 gigabyte hard drive with a Crucial 1 terabyte solid state drive.  I took out the optical drive (it stopped working a couple years ago) and installed a caddy to hold my old hard drive as a backup.  I also replaced my two 1 gigabyte RAM with two 4 gigabyte kits (8 gigabytes RAM total).  Then I upgraded OS Mountain Lion to El Capitan and purchased the Adobe Lightroom 6 upgrade (I was previously using Lightroom 2).  It’s like I have a new computer and it only cost me a few hundred dollars.  The solid state drive is certainly worth the money.

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