Is it sad that I feel 100% more productive working on the boat on the weekends than I do all week-long at work?  This weekend I cleaned the bathroom portlight, finally removed the remaining old wall covering from the bathroom, demoed the galley sink and countertop, and painted with Bilge Kote the cabinet under the stove, the cabinet under the galley and bathroom


sinks, the visible fiberglass floor in the bathroom, and a third coat on the shower sump.  Whew!  I’m beat!  I previously painted the sink cabinets with Durapoxy, but I had forgotten to paint the cabinet under the stove (doh!) and when I removed the wall covering in the bathroom I noticed how bad the floor looked (double doh!)  I was debating to paint everything with Durapoxy or Bilge Kote and Bilge Kote won.  Why?  Because it’s more difficult to prep?  No.  Because I’m a glutton for punishment and a little OCD?  Maybe.  Because it’s super cool and should be nearly indestructible when I’m done?  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!



Refrigeration is a Wonderful Thing
Been busy...


  1. Coming along!!

    1. Soooo slowly, but surely!

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