We might be making progress.

We found out last night that the Marina del Rey IF41 is still up for grabs.  The person with the other offer only did a sea trial and didn’t like it so I guess they’re no longer interested.  Mr. Broker called and asked if we wanted to change our offer.  We told him we were comfortable with our original offer, so we’ll see if they counter offer.I mean, why would we change our offer?  Just in case the guy who’s no longer interested offered more than us?  It makes no sense.  We would be bidding against ourselves.

Rich talked to the owner of the South San Francisco IF41.  He emailed Rich some photos and the boat is a dump.  I guess Islander Yachts made a couple versions of the IF41.  One version had yellow melamine throughout instead of teak.  I think the South San Francisco boat is a melamine boat, but it’s wood-grained melamine or laminate.  It also has linoleum throughout.  I told Rich we should pass on seeing it in person.

I also heard from the IF41 in Walnut Grove.  I don’t have any additional information, but I’m going to call them today.

Rich heard from Oxbow Marina today.  They are going to have a liveaboard end-tie available in 30 days and it’s ours if we want it.  I guess we just need to get a boat.

Marina del Rey boat
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