What is Ramble On you ask?

She’s our little old sailboat – a Tayana 37 (check post #1 to see what we used to think of Tayanas).

Here’s her stats:

  • Born: November 1977
  • Designer: Bob Perry (he’s a famous boat designer)
  • Builder: Ta Yang (that’s in Taiwan)
  • Length: 37′ (though really 42′ with the bow sprit)
  • Beam: 11’6″
  • Draft: 5’8″
  • Headroom: 6’5″
  • Hull #: 91
  • Weight: 24,000 pounds (she’s a heavy sumbitch!)
  • Water – ~100 gallons
  • Fuel – ~90 gallons

We bought her in December 2012 (Merry Christmas to us!) and plan to sail until we don’t feel like sailing anymore I guess.  She’s a fixer-upper so we have a few years’ worth of work ahead of us.  We’d like to go around the world on this boat, but if we find a place we want to stay for a while, we might just stop and hang out for a bit.

Why the name Ramble On?

The answer is four-fold.  First, we intend to ramble around the world (sorta obvious).  Second, Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever (duh).  Third, this boat is no speedster so rambling will be the pace of our trip.  And fourth, Rich likes to ramble on and on and on about everything.  There is no short conversation with him.  The boat was called Mary Morris when we bought her (you might notice that name in some of the photos).  We heard it was a previous owner’s grandmother’s name, and while we can appreciate the sentiment, we hated that name for our boat.  We really had no idea what we wanted to name a boat.  We wanted something short and simple.  We searched our favorite movies looking for inspiration.  We came very close to Dude Abides (which I still love), and were hell bent on Hooroo (Australian term for goodbye), but decided Ramble On captured our intentions.

We think Ramble On has a lot of potential and will take care of us will so our parents won’t go crazy with worry (or feel they have to save all their pennies for the pirate’s ransom they will surely have to pay).  Plus, she’s just about our age (go Gen X’ers!) so we should have a lot in common (like creaky knees and sore backs.)

Here’s a brief walk-through video – caution if you get motion barfs!

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