I resolve to…

Oh, how we love to make resolutions!  Nobody is perfect; we can all make room for improvements and we’ve been conditioned to think the beginning of the New Year is the prime time to do that.  I’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions in my day, but not this year.  Shocking I know!  A list of resolutions is right in my list-loving wheelhouse, but this calvinandhobbesyear I’m doing what I’ve been doing, saying what I’ve been saying, eating what I’ve been eating, going where I’ve been going and that’s fine.  I still have goals and lists and projects I want to finish, but I’m not resolving to do them.  I did not wake up this morning thinking “today I am better than I was yesterday.”  I’m the same.  Maybe we should spend less time trying to change ourselves and more time accepting who we are.

So this year work as hard as you need to, take time to play often, and just generally enjoy life.

Happy New Year!

Is it just me, or is it smelly in here?
Sextant is Not a Dirty Word

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  1. Good advice from my daughter. How did she get so smart? HAPPY NEW YEAR JENI AND RICH! and of course Suki!

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