Scratch That

So we thought our water tank was water tight…scratch that.  It’s leaking.  We saw a small drip, drip, drip at the aft corner into the lower bilge.  Just what we need – another project.  We’re not even considering repairing the tank.  We’re going to pull it out and replace it with one or two poly tanks.  The water tank is about 100 gallons and it’s custom-made for the space in the bilge so we won’t be able to find an exact replacement unless we have one fabricated, which is cost prohibitive.


We’re going to buy standard tank(s) from Ronco and lose some tankage, but gain some space in the bilge where we can put a watermaker and a better filtration system (hopefully).  On the bright side, with the tank removed I can scrub and Bilge Kote the bilge.  With the tank in place there was no way to do this so I was going to clean and paint where I could and leave the rest.  Now I can get it all done at once.


We’re having a devil of a time finding a Corian or solid surface supplier who will sell us a slab.  The suppliers we’ve found won’t sell it to us without doing the install themselves at an exorbitant cost.  There is a place online,, but shipping is sky-high.  If we can’t buy a slab locally we’ll probably have to go with Formica (boo)

Galley Sink

We’ve also decided to replace the galley sink.  It’s a nice, deep sink, but it’s small.  Some of our dishes don’t fit so washing them is a pain and there’s no way to soak a dish or skillet.  We don’t want a sink with a bigger footprint, just a bigger basin.  Most people say you need a double basin sink on a boat, but I’m not convinced.  Thankfully, I don’t have to think about this project until we get the countertop conundrum figured out.

Chugging Along
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