I’m way behind on posts, I have a bunch of photos I haven’t uploaded, I’ve lost track of what we’ve been spending on the boat projects, and I have a huge stack of receipts somewhere on the boat I still have to sort through.  Not having an internet connection on the boat has been tough!

We made it through our first full week of living on the boat.  There have been a few nights right around dinner time that we’ve had a visitor to our dock.  His name is Conrad and he’s a skinny border collie that lives on F Dock.  Suki is none too pleased with the situation.  The first time she saw him she started growling.  It was hideous.  The second time she hid inside and peeked at him through the galley portlight.  She’s a crack up.

I heard on the news today that one of my favorite grocery stores is closing in Sacramento.  Earlier this year the parent company of Fresh & Easy announced they were going to sell the chain.  The stores in Sacramento opened about a year ago and haven’t been doing great.  I can’t understand why.  Their food is great, they always have sales and good coupons, and they always have items about to expire on clearance.  So today I went to Fresh & Easy to stock up.  Their entire inventory is 25% off.  I bought several bags of Cinnamon Somersaults, a bunch of canned goods (black beans, olives, tomatoes), salsa, Gatorade (88¢ on sale and 25% off!), salami and a bunch of other stuff.  My total would have been around $175 but with the discount and a bunch of coupons my total was $129.  Not bad!  Of course I have no idea where any of it is going to fit on the boat.

It was sad and frustrating to see the store so busy.  For the past year there’s been hardly another person in the store when I’ve been there.  Today the place was packed.  One woman had her shopping cart stuffed to the top.  I wonder if any of those people shopped there regularly.  If they had, the place probably wouldn’t be shutting down in two weeks.

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