Spaghetti Western

“Funny thing about weekends when you’re unemployed.  They don’t mean quite so much.  ‘Sept you get to hang out with your workin’ friends.” – Les Claypool

My wife hates the band Primus.  Statistically speaking, so does roughly 85% of the entire American population.  Personally, I’m quite surprised that they ever managed to sell a single record with all the haters out there.  Not to mention, their own self-deprication.  They even tell you at the beginning of every show “We’re Primus, and we suck”.  Never the less, I bought an album back when I was in high school.  Then another.  And another.  And listened enthusiastically.  Back when you could still get a cassette tape for $7, and compact disks used to cost $25 at Tower Records.  That’s like 5 hours worth of bussing tables (+tips) back in 1989 for just one disk, not to mention the insane cost of the damn machine that you had to buy just to play them.  Ahhhh, but the sound was epic, and if you like unusual  music, worth every penny.

Anyway, back on topic of being unemployed, and weekends, etcetera…..

I recently took a small side job for a buddy of mine.  Dry rot repair.  Back to my roots.  The shit that I grew up doing; that used put food on the table before I got all fat & happy, and complacent doing Government work for the last dozen or so years.  It’s been interesting to say the least, working exclusively on the boat the past year. But I somewhat enjoyed returning to terrestrial construction for a change.  It’s as if I can put my brain on auto-pilot and my hands just continue to work from muscle memory.  Plus, I’m certain that Jeni has been happy to be rid of me for several days each week.  Trust me it’s been tough work, and these old bones aren’t as pliable as they used to be.  I wouldn’t want to do this kind of thing year-round any more, but it’s an honest living and one that I’m proud to say I’m fully capable of doing (and doing well).

So, while I’m tearing out rotten wood and replacing it with new, I happen upon something that I’ve never seen in over 25 years of remodel construction.  Thankfully I had the camera rolling the whole time, otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it myself.  I’ll just let you watch the video, and hopefully you’ll be as entertained as I was…..



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