Today I ate a donut

I pass the coffee bar on the way to my desk every day and today, a Friday, some anonymous coworker was cruel kind enough to bring donuts to work. I had no intention of eating a donut. I had a very healthy yogurt breakfast in my bag. So what did I do when I saw the pink box of yum? I lifted the lid and didn’t even hesitate when I saw the glazed old-fashioned (damn you old-fashioned donut!) I snatched that bugger up and hurried to my cubicle to so no one would see me. Shameful. I set the donut on my desk and stared at it for a few seconds contemplating eating only half. “Yeah, right! You know you’re going to eat the whole thing. Just do it!” So I did. I ate the crap out of that donut. Now I’m sitting here contemplating how shitty I feel for eating a donut. Sadly I don’t feel that bad which makes me feel worse. So I guess I feel bad about not feeling that bad about eating a donut. Go figure.

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