Trip to So Cal

Rich is in Marina del Rey for some boat shopping and spearfishing.

He looked at an Islander Freeport 41 this morning and really liked it.  I’ve done a lot of internet research about the IF41s and most “forum people” seem to think they are not offshore boats.  I think we’re going to make an offer on it, so we’ll have to prove those “forum people” wrong.  I know of a couple who has been cruising on their IF41 for over 10 years.  They bought the boat in Mexico and sailed it to Marina del Rey.  After refitting they headed south, went through the Panama Canal, across the Caribbean to Florida.  Then back through the canal, and to the South Pacific.  That sounds like offshore to me.

So this blog might be changing from dreaming about getting a boat, to hunting for a boat, to actually owning a boat and most likely being vexed by a boat.  We’re very excited.

Marina del Rey boat