What a long, strange trip it’s been

After a significant crisis

we’ve rallied and bought a Tayana 37.  Let me backup and explain what happened with the Endeavour 40.  The survey found about $5,000 of critical repairs that had to be made.  Mr. Broker told us he would try to negotiate with Denny to either lower the price or make the repairs themselves, so our original deal for $68,000 was dead.  Denny verbally agreed to lower the price to $63,000 and Mr. Broker was going to write a new deal.  In the mean time, Rich got into a car accident and got a DUI, and then got fired.

Everything fell apart.  I called Mr. Broker and told him so sorry, we’re not buying a boat right now.  Mr. Broker was pissed and the greedy little toad tried to play a guilt trip on us and asked that we pay the commission he would have gotten on the deal, roughly $3,300.  Yeah, right.  We did feel a little bit bad, and gave him $500 for his time, but we were the ones that were out all the money we’d spent on the survey and haulout.  Plus we’d paid for Mr. Broker’s flight to San Diego, taxis to and from the airport, drove him to Marina del Rey, he stayed at our house, and we bought him dinner several times.  Every trip he made to So Cal he wasn’t just working with us, he was working on other deals and even closed a deal during one of our surveys as we stood around for about 45 minutes with the engine idling waiting for him.  His boss then threatened to cash a deposit check they still had for the Islander Freeport 41 deal.  We put a stop payment on the check, a check they had told us they had destroyed weeks ago.  Their big mistake was not collecting the check for $6,900 we’d written for the offer on the Endeavour 40.  I think Mr. Broker just forgot to ask for it.  We sent them a scan of it, but without the actual check they couldn’t do anything.  I’m still wondering if they’re going to try to sue us or go to arbitration for more money.  The entire time we were working with Mr. Broker he didn’t suggest a single boat for us to look at.  Everything we were interested in we had to bring to him and he would make contact with the selling broker, something we could have easily done ourselves, but we’d sort of decided to work with him.  I’m not sure what he thinks his job is, but it’s my understanding that he’s kind of like a realtor and he’s supposed to show us boats to buy.  Ok, I’m done talking about the negative experience we had with Mr. Broker.

So after Rich got his act together and we figured out how much his giant screw up was going to cost us, we decided to go boat shopping again.  We found about half a dozen solid boats in SF Bay (hello Mr. Broker! why didn’t you show us some boats in your backyard!)  We found a 1977 Tayana 37.  Her decks are teak, something we said was a deal breaker before (see Post #1 to see what we thought about Tayanas), but they aren’t leaking (yet).  Her sails are original (35 years old!), but her original wooden mast, boom, and standing rigging were replaced in 2003.  She doesn’t have a lot of equipment, but her interior is nice and the work that needs to be done we can do ourselves.

We did a survey and sea trial on November 26, 2012.  The survey found several repair items, but we only asked for two somewhat major things to be fixed (bilge pump and muffler).  We worked with City Yachts and had a great experience with them (what a difference!)  We’ll be moving the boat to Isleton in a couple weeks (hopefully before Christmas).

Getting Ready