What’s Up with Google Chrome?

I was at work the other day and I checked in on our website using Google Chrome.  I was surprised to find that the sub-menus did not show up when I hovered over them.  I tried again in Internet Explorer and it worked.  I tried in Safari on my Mac and it worked.  I did a web search for this problem and apparently it’s not uncommon.  It looks like there are some work-arounds in the CSS code (which I know next to nothing about), which I tried but they didn’t fix the problem.  This probably won’t affect too many people since my mom is probably the only person who reads our blog and she uses Internet Explorer, but I just wanted to let anyone out there using Chrome know that they won’t be able to get to the sub-menus (basically the Projects Pages).  I’m hoping this issue will magically fix itself one day.  Until that happens, I’ve added a link to the projects pages on the right sidebar.  If something doesn’t work or you find a broken link please drop us a line and I’ll try to fix it.

My Favorite Stripper
Intergrip non skid


  1. Hi! Of course I read your blog. I need to keep up with what Miss Suki is getting in to!

  2. Yes its a common issue with the Chrome browser. I keep all the browsers on my systems just for that reason.

    Oh and my wife and I are quite enjoying following all your boat projects, as we have done the same on our 1982 Bayfield 25 SV Aspettami and are gearing up to start on our own tayana 37. Once we have it.

    Keep up the hard work and the posts.

    1. Hi Keith – Glad to hear it’s not just me or something I screwed up on the website. Thanks for reading and good luck finding your T37. We love ours and we get so many compliments even though she currently looks like crap.

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