Winnie the Pooh

We had our holding tank pumped out today.  Rich has been struggling trying to figure out what’s wrong with the toilet.  He finally got it to stop filling up with gross water, but it still wasn’t acting right.  A couple days ago we were trying to figure out why the manual bilge pump wasn’t sucking the water from the very bottom of the bilge.  The previous owner was kind enough to label all the hoses in the bilge so we knew the correct valves were opened and the whaler should have been pumping out the water.  Rich thought maybe one of the hoses was mislabeled so he turned the valve for the holding tank and we could hear water start to flow through the pipe.  This didn’t help our bilge pump problem, but we did figure out that the holding tank was so full that water was flowing back to the toilet and that’s why it was filling up (ick).  So Rich talked to Kurtis and asked him to pump the tank the next chance they had.  Fifteen bucks later and the toilet is fixed.  Cross off item 17 of 485 on the to-do list.

Marine Wire vs. Automotive Wire
It's too nice outside to work inside