2017 Projects

AC Wiring Done Right

We haven’t been doing many website posts lately, but we HAVE been uploading recent project videos (and some old videos too) to YouTube.  So if you’ve wondered where we went, head over to our YouTube channel or you can watch videos on our website as well.

Electrical Part I

Around Thanksgiving/Christmas time Rich rewired the starboard side AC system just like he did to the port side several years ago.  For the most part it was an easy project.  However, it did open up a secondary project we needed to complete before moving on to the electrical panel.

Navigation Station Storage

The secondary project is the extra storage under the nav station.  When we built the “pantry” slide-out storage, we found some dead space under the nav station.  We decided to cut it open to gain access and give us more space to store stuff.  It seems like a great place to put Rich’s computer which will be moved when the electrical panel is installed.  There was also a weird diamond-shaped opening for access to a storage area under the nav station.  The storage space is pretty big, but the opening was too small to be useful.  Cutting out a new door solved that problem.

The next video will be Electrical Part II where Rich builds and installs the new electrical panel, so stay tuned!

Changes for the New Year
Electrical Project Part II